Saturday, April 16, 2011

PSP Installer PSPins



This program (for Windows) is a front-end that has the ability to execute a "script" in order to install or uninstall a game or application in the Memory Stick of the PSP.
The main propose of this software was to create a program that could be launch from a CD-ROM, with the ability to install a backup game in PSP by only pressing a single button!


  • Could be launch directly from a CD-ROM / DVD-ROM
  • Support files in ISO, CSO, RAR and ZIP format (including multi-volumes)
  • Show image of the game/application in PNG, JPG format
  • Automatic detection of Memory Stick Drive
  • Automatic detection of total space needed to install the game
  • Sort by name or size (asc/desc)
  • Integrated viewer (NFO/TXT and HTML files)
  • Allows sorting the Icons in GAME folder to hide corrupted data
  • Multi-language support


Once you've downloaded the zipped archive, extract the files to "C:\PSPins" directory (or similar) and and run the "PSPins.exe" from there.
Read the "readme" file included!

Language Files (v2.1): English | Português

If you want to organize your PSP games (or other consoles), you may be interested in GameFront program.

Description: http://www.ideiadupla.com/psp/gamefront.png




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